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This T-shirt is good quality and well made. The print is well done and nicely subtle. Best of all it is nice and slim fitting accentuating and complimenting my manly curves sort of like a stealth superhero costume without having to wear pants over my leggings or a cape. Unfortunately since buying it I've had no time to ride my bike as all my free time is now spent fighting off the ladies.


Great quality indeed, not a cheap shirt. Sharp and vivid logo. I like it!


Best thing about the ride out to the FOD was getting this shirt. I have spent a lot of cash on tech clothing over the years and this shirt is in par with the best you can buy. The value is amazing! thanks Rob for putting such a great quality item out there, just like the forum


Quality piece of kit great fit (med) nice little touches with the zipp pocket & sun glass cleaner really pleased with the design & colour awesome all round jersey